How to speed up your phone

How to speed up your phone

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Remember the bliss when you first bought that new phone? Remember the speed and effectiveness with which it used to perform any task you threw at it? Remember how instantaneously it used to load those extremely heavy games you loved showing off to your friends? Yes,I'm sure you remember. But now,all that bliss is gone,and what you're left with is a phone that literally takes forever to boot up.
Yup,we in the Android space experience this a lot,and while Apple's folks have a lower tendency for phone slow down issues to happen to them,anything can happen to anybody. And in this article,I'm going to show you how you can restore the glory of that phone and how you can bring it up to speed again. 

You see,the problem with most problems is that it's very,very difficult to actually identify their root causes. And that is what makes them so annoying.So,I'll start by saying that 'you should locate the cause of the slow down'. This sounds like a hard task,but is actually a pretty simple one. Do you take a lot of photos and keep even the ones you don't like? That would be a great place to start work on. Do you have apps you're no longer paying attention to? Start from there also.
You see,the point of my above illustration is that you need to free up space on your phone. In the case of images,Google offers some free cloud space,and there are many apps on the Play Store that can help you back up those photos to the cloud,some completely free while some come at a small fee. And,let's face it;you won't look at these photos everyday anyway,so why boggle your phone down with redundant photos?

Step 2 is something you can do right now. And that is to clear up your RAM(don't you dare clean out your browser without saving this post first!) Yes,even the mighty Samsungs and Xiaomis of this world can get a major loss of speed from merely opening up too many apps. But,if I might specify a bit more:too many heavy apps.While you may not need this tip if you have a phone with 8GB RAM,those with less than 4GB of RAM need to hit the recents button and then clear all the apps one by one. Alternatively,you could hit your recents button,and click on that trash can on the bottom of the screen to clear all the apps and free up space.

Step 3 : Remove those excess widgets
Let's face it,those with more than one clock on their screens will hardly ever end up checking more than one of them,so why bother keeping more than 1? The widgets on a phone may seem like a small addition,but widgets are like locusts. Not too harmful alone,but extremely dangerous when they become more than one.
Do note that there's really no harm in keeping the ones you use active. Just don't overdo it.

Step 4 : Disable any unnecessary animations
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disabling animations is impossible on iPhones
Yes,the way in which the screen lifts up after unlocking the phone is nice to the eye,but did you know that these animations take more memory that some apps even? Depending on the launcher(or ROM) you use,it can either be extremely easy or extremely difficult(or impossible even) to disable the 
animations. Be sure to look through the settings until they are gone.

Step 5 : Restart your phone

A simple and quick fix for a slow phone is to restart it. This can be done either by long pressing on the power button until you see the 'restart' option. Alternatively,you could press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to restart the phone. This is handy if your phone suddenly freezes or becomes unresponsive,and the battery is sealed in.

Step 6 : Make sure all your apps are updated to the latest version
Updated apps tend to reduce slow downs because they are more optimized to perform better,though this may not always be the case.

Step 7: Factory Reset your phone
If all the aforementioned tips are not working,you could always factory reset the phone. This helps especially when the phone has become too laggy for a long period of time. To do this,head over to your settings,click the search bar and type in 'factory reset'. Be sure to back up all your photos and what not first,as resetting clears them all.

So that's all on how to speed up your phone. Any questions or tips?Join our forum and post them or use the comments. Thanks for stopping by.


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