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How to take good pictures with your phone

How to take good pictures with your phone

Have you ever taken a photo with your phone,but you weren't content with the photo quality? You probably have. Now the fact is that many factors contributed to that less-than-required photo quality that you experienced while taking that photo. The light condition,the angle at which you pointed the camera,the state of your lens,whether or not you used the flash and other factors can greatly contribute to the quality of your photos. And that is what we aim to answer in this post.So let's get started as you learn how to take good pictures with your phone.
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"The light condition,the angle at which you pointed the camera,the state of your lens,whether or not you used the flash and other factors can greatly contribute to the quality of your photos"

In this post,I'm going to list 5 things which you can factor in to take awesome pictures with your phone. But before that,let's see what you ne…

HTC U12: Rumors and possible specs

In this post which would be regularly updated as we learn more,we will be taking a closer look at the upcoming HTC U12.

Last year,HTC released the HTC U11,and it was quite a great smartphone. It had very cool cameras
and whatnot,and who can ever forget the 'squeeze to open up Google Assistant?' But the S8 overshadowed this undeniably great phone,and you and I went out and spent our money on the Galaxy S8 instead of buying the U11. Why? Well,it's dated design was one factor. Sure it had that alluring glass build you just can't get enough of,and a nice and sturdy build. But,the design was still dated. Most of HTC's flagships before the U11 used that design. Also,it didn't have a dual camera setup. Sure,the S8 didn't have one either,but it did refresh the design of the S7 before it,so we went for that one instead.

But HTC aims to change all those negatives with the launch of the HTC U12(at least that's what we think they would call it). The phone will hav…

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Specs Before I list the specs,I want to let out a few thoughts: The Xiaomi Redmi S2 has had a lot of leaks in the past few weeks,and we probably know all it's specs way before it's launch on Thursday. This has probably got to have been the most leaked smartphone to date,topping even the Galaxy S9,which we reviewed here,so much that it even appeared on AliExpress,China's leading online store.

But that leak also conveniently gave us the specifications and design language. First,we see the nicely designed and eye catching antenna lines ,and the vertically aligned dual camera set-up. Only God knows where they got that idea from,right?  We also have the fingerprint sensor alignment which isn't anything new by the way. And yes,it'll probably be fast.
Now,the listing on AliExpress also shows us the screen size and resolution. And it's pretty bad. It's a 5.99 inch 720*1440 screen. Now,the fact that this is only HD+ resolution may seem like a big de…

How to remove a virus from your phone

How to remove a virus from your phone We all hate viruses.They damage our phone's software and can even damage hardware through the software. And while some viruses can be removed very easily,some take longer processes to eradicate. In this post,we will learn what viruses are,how to prevent them and how to remove them in case of infections.

What is a Virus"A phone virus is a type of virus specifically adapted for the cellular environment and designed to spread from one vulnerable phone to another." 

So basically,a virus is more or less a program that spreads from one phone to another and is capable of causing harm to the phone(or host)in which it resides. 
Viruses are the major cause of phone slowdown,which we talked about in this post. And they can actually render a phone pretty much useless. Some can even be used to track your movement or steal your information from your phone. They tend to be attached to apps you download from unknown sources(basically anywhere other…

LG G7 ThinQ Specs

LG G7 ThinQ Specifications

Before I begin with this spec sheet,I'd like to give some of my thoughts on the ThinQ. First,I would not be doing a full review until the device is officially available here in Nigeria,which may take sometime. And second,I feel like the G7 ThinQ isn't really a departure from what other phones in the market really are. Sure,it has the latest chip,but other phones also have the latest chip. Also,it has a notch,just like other recent phones. My real complaint with this phone is that LG isn't really trying to stand out from the crowd,despite their recent losses in the smartphone market. LG is supposed to be making smartphones with killer features that actually make you want to wait for their 2018 flagship,rather than go out and buy the latest Galaxy or iPhone. In my opinion,LG should be doing something that no other OEM is doing,in the sense that they should try their best to differentiate their phone from the bunch,both in look and features. That&#…

How to speed up your phone

How to speed up your phone

Remember the bliss when you first bought that new phone? Remember the speed and effectiveness with which it used to perform any task you threw at it? Remember how instantaneously it used to load those extremely heavy games you loved showing off to your friends? Yes,I'm sure you remember. But now,all that bliss is gone,and what you're left with is a phone that literally takes forever to boot up. Yup,we in the Android space experience this a lot,and while Apple's folks have a lower tendency for phone slow down issues to happen to them,anything can happen to anybody. And in this article,I'm going to show you how you can restore the glory of that phone and how you can bring it up to speed again. 

You see,the problem with most problems is that it's very,very difficult to actually identify their root causes. And that is what makes them so annoying.So,I'll start by saying that 'you should locate the cause of the slow down'. This sou…